Development of a Lightweight and High-efficiency Compact Cycloidal Reducer for Legged Robots

KK Lee, S Hong, JH Oh

International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing 2020 [pdf]

Design and control of the rapid legged platform GAZELLE

H Jeong, KK Lee, W Kim, I Lee, JH Oh

Mechatronics 2020 [pdf]

Online Delayed Reference Generation for a Humanoid Imitating Human Walking Motion

J Oh, O Sim, B Cho, KK Lee, JH Oh

IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics 2020 [pdf]

Centroidal-momentum-based trajectory generation for legged locomotion

Chuanzheng Li, Yanran Ding, Hae-Won Park

Mechatronics 2020 [pdf]


Real-Time Constrained Nonlinear Model Predictive Control on SO(3) for Dynamic Legged Locomotion

Seungwoo Hong, Joon-Ha Kim, Hae-Won Park

IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2020 [video]

Wrench-based Kinodynamic Motion Planning for Multi-Legged Robots via Mixed-Integer Convex Program

Yanran Ding, Chuanzheng Li, Hae-Won Park

IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2020

Journals (2019)

Humanoid whole-body remote-control framework with delayed reference generator for imitating human motion

J Oh, O Sim, H Jeong, JH Oh

Mechatronics 2019 [pdf]

Real-time humanoid whole-body remote control framework for imitating human motion based on kinematic mapping and motion constraints

J Oh, I Lee, H Jeong, JH Oh

Advanced Robotics 2019 [pdf]

A robust walking controller optimizing step position and step time that exploit advantages of footed robot

H Jeong, I Lee, O Sim, KK Lee, JH Oh

Robotics and Autonomous Systems  2019 [pdf]

A robust walking controller based on online optimization of ankle, hip, and stepping strategies

H Jeong, I Lee, J Oh, KK Lee, JH Oh

IEEE Transactions on Robotics  2019 [pdf]

Hysteresis Modeling for Torque Control of an Elastomer Series Elastic Actuator

DH Kim, JH Oh

IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics 2019 [pdf]

A Robust Balance-Control Framework for the Terrain-Blind Bipedal Walking of a Humanoid Robot on Unknown and Uneven Terrain

HM Joe, JH Oh

Sensors 2019 [pdf]

Design of Anti-Skid Foot With Passive Slip Detection Mechanism for Conditional Utilization of Heterogeneous Foot Pads

J Park, DH Kong, HW Park

IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2019 [pdf]

Learning agile and dynamic motor skills for legged robots

Jemin Hwangbo, Joonho Lee, Alexey Dosovitskiy, Dario Bellicoso, Vassilios Tsounis, Vladlen Koltun, Marco Hutter

Science Robotics 2019 [pdf]

Dynamic Locomotion on Slippery Ground
Fabian Jenelten, Jemin Hwangbo, Fabian Tresoldi, C. Dario Bellicoso,  Marco Hutter 

IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2019 [pdf]

Conferences (2019)

Fast perception, planning, and execution for a robotic butler: Wheeled humanoid m-hubo

M Lee, Y Heo, J Park, HDYHD Jang, P Benz, H Park, IS Kweon, JH Oh
Intelligent Robots and Systems Conference 2019 [pdf] [video]

Biped Robot Pelvis Kinematics Estimation based on the Touch-Point Updating Method

H Bae, J Oh, HM Joe, JH Oh
Intelligent Robots and Systems Conference 2019 [pdf]

Avoiding Obstacles during Push Recovery Using Real-Time Vision Feedback

H Jeong, JH Kim, O Sim, JH Oh

Intelligent Robots and System Conference 2019 [pdf]

Motion Generation Interface of ROS to PODO Software Framework for Wheeled Humanoid Robot

M Lee, Y Heo, S Cho, H Park, JH Oh
International Conference on Advanced Robotics 2019 [pdf]

Implementing ROS Communications for Sensor Integration with the RB5 Collaborative Robot
J Kreitz, M Lee, H SubPark, PY Oh, JH Oh
Annual Computing and Communication Workshop and Conference 2019 [pdf]

Development and experiments of a bio-inspired robot with multi-mode in aerial and terrestrial locomotion

WD Shin, J Park, HW Park


Real-time model predictive control for versatile dynamic motions in quadrupedal robots

Y Ding, A Pandala, HW Park

Robotics and Automation 2019 [pdf]

Robust recovery controller for a quadrupedal robot using deep reinforcement learning

J Lee, J Hwangbo, M Hutter

ArXiv pre-print 2019 [pdf]

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